Jungleman's Homepage

Thanks for dropping in! I finally put up my own webpage again, the last time being when I was still in undergrad at Morehouse.

Allow me to clarify this, though. This page is for fun because I let others handle the heavy and serious subjects. Many of you will never agree with me regarding a lot, but that doesn't mean that I'll go berserk if you have a light hearted moment at my site.

You can't use the logo at the top, cool as it is. That belongs to me. The face might be a made-up face but it is my creation to deny others to copy. I don't care about pictures of myself, but you may not save or use pictures of anyone else I have posted.

Reminiscing on old times and friends
Reminiscing on Louisiana
Visit to The Etowah Indian Mounds
An Afternoon of Swimming
Pics of Africa's wildlife
Pics from a drive-through safari
Pics from a Ohio state park
New Baby Daughter

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